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Shawn Patterson and Patrick GX Patterson
3018 Paseo
Oklahoma City, OK
Artist-in Residence
Original stained glass art, watercolor art and pastel artwork
by Shawn Patterson
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Sunday, August 14 1-4 PM at Prairie Arts Collective
Carla Waugh and Leslie Waugh Dallum/ Transparent Enclosures
We're open Tuesday
through Saturday
PAC August Featured Artists
Carla Waugh and Leslie Waugh Dallam
Transparent Enclosures
Leslie Waugh Dallam is an artist who explores mixed media in her artwork. As a very young child
she started her life in rural Oklahoma, running around barefoot with her twin sister and their pet
crow. Leslie received her BA in studio art and her M.Ed. at East Central University.
She has primarily lived in Oklahoma and derives her ideas for her artwork from faded memories
from her childhood and experiences from her adulthood. Leslie currently works as an artist and
has taught art K-12 in various places in Oklahoma. She continues to do her artwork in several
different medias with an array of colors. To see her artwork go to:
Carla Waugh is an Oklahoma artist. She grew up going to her grandparent’s farm during the
summers in Stonewall. This became her playground full of adventures. From walking through
the wildflowers for hours to fishing with her father and twin sister Rural Oklahoma provided the
backdrop for curiosity. Carla was inspired to start painting by her artist parents who put a
paintbrush in her hand at a very early age. After college, Carla’s twin sister gave her a “real”
bicycle that began her adventures through the back roads of Oklahoma. The textures, colors
and scenery have been an inspiration for her art.
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