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We are the premier historical stained glass professionals in the area for
restoration projects. Prairie Arts has with over twenty years experience in historical restoration and consultation.
Shawn Patterson and Patrick GX Patterson
3018 Paseo
Oklahoma City, OK
Artist-in Residence
Original stained glass art, watercolor art and pastel artwork
by Shawn Patterson
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Rosa Anderson
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The basic idea behind my work is instead of
merely capturing a realistic rendition of the
subject is to produce a more personal - typically
more evocative or atmospheric - impression.
One might simplify this; by saying fine art
photography describes any image taken by a
camera where the intention is aesthetic rather
than scientific.

I want to display beauty through my own unique
perspective. An amazing photograph not only
frames and captures a brief moment in time; it
speaks volumes through a complex interplay
between subject matter, light, contrast, texture,
and color.