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Shawn Patterson and Patrick GX Patterson
Artist-in Residence
Original stained glass art, watercolor art and pastel artwork
by Shawn Patterson
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Brooklyn Waldrup is the PAC OKC featured artist for September

As always we also feature the Original stained glass art of Shawn Patterson         
We're open Tuesday
through Saturday
3018 Paseo
Oklahoma City, OK
Brooklyn Waldrup
PAC September Featured Artist
Brooklyn Waldrup
If the lights
on we're

Art to me isn't just a painting on a
canvas, it's more than that. To me
it's the idea in my mind that created
the painting.

Every one of my paintings is simply
a therapy session. It seems to be
easier to spill out everything that's
going on in my mind on canvas than
discussing what goes on in there.

I mostly use acrylic, I have worked
with oils a few times. Most of the
paintings are for sale. I've been
painting for about 4 years now. I've
enjoyed every minute and every
brush stroke of it.

I'm about to finish high school I live
in Luther, Oklahoma. I am currently
living on the edge of 17.

I'm so very glad Prairie Arts
Collective is sponsoring me and
letting me exhibit my art here :) I'm
very grateful.
Some of Brooklyn's work on
display at Prairie Arts OKC